The issue before us in 2018 is whether we are going to continue to be pawns of political elites or will we break free and set our own independent destiny?


Our Mission

The people of the Third District deserve new and robust economic growth that also protects the environment we rely on as part of our cultural heritage and, for many, their livelihood, true justice for all citizens, and a stable healthcare system that allows everyone access to basic healthcare at a reasonable cost. As your Congressman, I will bring the true voice of Acadiana to Washington, D.C. and fight for these principles. 

An informed citizenry is at the heart of a dynamic democracy
— Thomas Jefferson

our priorities

  • Promoting economic diversity and growth across the district
  • Protecting and promoting our Cajun cultural legacy
  • Building and supporting a robust public education system
  • Protecting and supporting law enforcement professionals, while protecting the rights of our citizens
  • Making sure a living wage is guaranteed for a day's work
  • Defending our small businesses from encroachment of unfair business practices of corporations
  • Protecting privacy on the Internet from unscrupulous corporate entities 
  • Supporting robust enviromental protection for our children's future