As the first in his family to go to college, Dr. Conner knows firsthand the impact that a high quality education or job training opportunity can have on a family. As a small business owner, he recognizes the economic impact of education and job training, the foundation of economic growth and sustainability. Dr. Conner believes all our children deserve equity in resources and opportunities and will fight to make Acadiana's educational and training opportunities the best in the nation.

As your next congressman, Dr. Conner will prioritize: 

  • Incentivizing and rewarding state spending on vocational training and education through increased federal investment in the trades that build our roads, bridges, ports  schools and businesses. 
  • Ending the trend of proposed and actual cuts to our public schools - especially to the Elementary and Secondary Education Reauthorization Act - to send our federal tax dollars back to Louisiana where they will fund a brighter future for our kids.
  • Supporting policies that promote holistic approaches to education, working across the aisle for bipartisan solutions that support every student in Acadiana by investing in better school nutrition, music education, and the arts. 
  • Providing borrowers with relief from crippling student debt by preventing erosion to the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act, which allows Americans with existing student loans to refinance at lower interest rates.