Jobs and the Economy

Acadiana can't afford more politicians who are all bluster and no results on economic development for our region. As the first in his family to go to college and to obtain a professional degree, Dr. Conner is focused on creating opportunities for our people to succeed and our economy to grow. As a small business owner, Dr. Conner understands the challenges our families are facing and will cut the red tape to get real results for our people.

As your next Congressman, Dr. Phillip Conner will prioritize: 

  • Aiding our working families trying to make ends meet through people-focused economic policies that will build an economy for the future, starting at home.
  • Tax reform that truly supports small business growth and personal income tax fairness, not more fake corporate tax plans that enrich Wall Street billionaires.
  • Policies that reinvest our federal tax dollars in the infrastructure and education needed to attract and retain the best employers for Acadiana.
  • Cutting the waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government in order to fully fund programs that protect our household budget, help us build savings, and make us secure.