The core of campaign is its people. I need YOU to get involved.  The key to success is to reach a large segment of the people of District Three.  This can be done in two ways: Volunteering and Donating.

Volunteering allows you to get involved on the ground of a political campaign.  We need people to knock on doors and make phone calls over the course of the next year.  It is a lot of fun and builds a sense of empowerment in the election.  I also recognize that it is time intensive and can be a grind at times.  So know that there is no minimum, as much time as you can donate will be greatly appreciated.

It is a known fact that money is critical to a successful campaign and I need you to donate as much as you can.  We are faced with a battle against monied interests that will spend whatever it takes to be successful.  I order to battle these elites, I need revenue.  So as much as you can spare will be appreciated.  This is a commitment, I know. When someone donates it is a contract on both our parts.  I promise to fight as hard as I can for the people of Acadiana and will never compromise when it comes to the people I will represent.

Become a Partner

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