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Meet Dr. Conner

Dr. Phillip Conner was born and raised south of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Dr. Conner graduated from Lagrange High School and left home to attend LSU. After completing medical school, he trained in family medicine and embarked on a career as a trusted physician at his practice in Lake Charles.

Dr. Conner and his wife of 25 years, Bridgette, have three children: Jackson, Mary Catherine, and Abram. A life-long Catholic, Dr. Conner has been able to put his faith into action on mission trips to deliver much needed medical care in Haiti and Nicauragua. Dr. Conner also volunteered closer to home, providing care for the homeless in Lake Charles at Abraham’s Tent, a local ecumenical food bank. A native son of Acadiana, Dr. Conner’s career of service has grown out of his authentic adherence to Christ’s model of service to the least of these. 

Dr. Conner on medical mission in Haiti

Dr. Conner on medical mission in Haiti

I have seen families at the margins who struggle every day for the basics of life, sometimes because of their choices, but many times through no fault of their own.
— Dr. Phillip Conner

His maternal grandmother lived in public housing in Welsh, Louisiana for decades. Dr. Conner’s father worked changing tires in a repair shop in Lake Charles just after high school. When she was younger, his grandmother washed clothes in the laundry at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. His mother, one generation later, worked as a surgery tech in the OR of that same hospital. And finally, much later, Dr. Conner also worked there as a medical student earning his doctorate. 

Dr. Conner’s success is a true American story.  He doesn’t come from money or influence, but through perseverance and dedication to his patients and his community, he built his own business. Dr. Conner recognizes that our Republic is only as good as the leaders we elect.

As your next congressman, Dr. Phillip Conner will make Acadiana proud.